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Update by user Jan 13, 2017

I checked with another company (the competitor) accross the street of the shop and they said that the alignment was done fine (basically refused to do the service since my steering wheel was "in the Green zone") I told him that I appreciated it. He said

Original review posted by user Dec 21, 2016

Mother took vehicle to Brake Masters. Car drove dead on straight as an arrow and I told her not to take the vehicle for a wheel alignment over text message and ty hat that's only for people who have bad accidents (deep deep pot hole diving) whose cars dog leg down the road.

The Elantra drove so beautifully down the road (and I knew shops can only mess up cars which run reliably if you give them the chance and outrageous experiences from friends trying to get things repaired only to have a driving vehicle needing towing to another shop subsequently after a certain auto shop put their hands on his automobile). The jokes on us I guess so I drove the car I guess since it drove so funny that she wanted to drive MY car and so hers was available for my commute for work I noticed the car steering wheel wasn't straight (mind you we're the first owners of the car so I think we should know the history of this car) while driving home and if I put it straight the car would drive of the road unfortunately : ( too bad for us. Another shop told her to do this alignment since Thier tires were noisy and worn on the inside. This lady is not making a good decision she should've heeded my warning now the bad tires are on the front and the steering doesn't have that planted on the road feeling or the spring back to center during or after a turn.

THE JOKES ON US...I called the shop after hours they don't have an answering service or voice mail and I'm too busy for taking time off my own work and volunteer schedule for this drama. I miss the way the car used to drive-- all we need was new tires : ( now we have a car that can't stay on the road (my poor mother wanted free tires from the Fletcher's in buckeye az covered since she was beneath the 50,000 mi warranty and 'the car needed an alignment since it ruined the tires' and worn them improperly so they became noisy. Now she hates driving the car and she's too ashamed to admit it. (She doesn't mind borrowing my car EVERYDAY HAHAHA...) Ton of excuse from the shop about why they can't fix the alignment back 'we need new tires' so I bought four beautiful new tires I love them but 'no alignment for us' after shop man says he'd do it after I got them.

And while I dropped the car off his tech sees scratches on the frame of car and probably one oil stain on a shock and uses that as an excuse for no second alignment for this car. They must have A.D.D. I kid u not. We were talking an alignment that they messed up u can't get a car to drive straighter than the factory silly.

These people think customers are naive. Please--if your car drives beautifully please don't let a shop tell you you need an alignment if the tires are worn on the inside when u have a car with negative camber rear independent suspension.

(This is normal) Guess what they only do front axle toe no caster or camber what useless trash. Now 'we need a new shock' --wow --what else 'we need to find his alignment papers' he gave us the 1st time-- what else-- that 'the car drives straight with his hands of the wheel' and 'the hunter brand alignment laser says toe is off' GO FIGURE they put the car out of alignment now they say we need to kiss hand and foot to put to back to factory spec since they put tires worn on the inside on the front of the car and machine told them to make adjustments (they keep concluding there machine is right).

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The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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