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I just found this website and it made me think of a terrifying situation I had after I took my car to Brake Masters on San Antonio Dr., NE in Albuquerque NM in 1999. I took my car to them to check my brakes. The intake mechanic was a total weirdo who looked like Groucho Marx. I naively gave him my home address for the work order. He talked me into a brake job. The brakes didn't feel right... Read more

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I have been taking my Volvo XC90 to Brake Masters for continuous service, but when I had service completed at the Brake Masters- Store #186 9240 West Peoria Avenue Peoria, AZ 85345 And found that I was charged more for the service than what was noted to me at my initial request for an high mileage oil change. They Added $15 more and would not give me a complete explanation and I have been a... Read more

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I had breaks done and currently have life time waranty on them but they put the cheapest pads possible and thus breaks squeaking and not breaking good and they recommended new rotor and they installed them and they were warped brand new. Not fair brake masters shame on you! All you want is to charge for labor. Add comment

.I took my car to brake master may 16th 2015 in Fontana California on Sierra 40 oil change the next day we noticed there was oil in my reservoir for the radiator it was not like that I know that for sure I called and complained they said it was impossible and they refused to look at the cameras because they didn't believe it the owner called me up yelling at me like I did something wrong they... Read more

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II took my car Toyota Camry brake master May 16 2015 40 oil change the mechanic went and put the remaining oil that was taken out of my car in my reservoir for my radiator it wasn't like that the day before they did not eat it and said it was impossible and they lied to me about the cameras they said they couldn't get the password which was a lie they refuse to look at the cameras and they... Read more

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They did lousy job on my brakes and tried to blame it on other things they did not own up to their mistake like the warranty says. Add comment

I been waiting for my vehicle for almost four hours already for aligment while waiting I see people drive in to the repair shop handling the key's to employees and getting the service right away this really sucks because my money counts =( Add comment

Brake Masters has bad service. I took my car in for a misfire and they put things it didn't need instead. When they handed me back my car I still had the problem. They charged me a lot. I took it to an honest mechanic and he fixed the problem for a third or less of what Brake Masters did. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. They probably don't even do good brake jobs, much nothing... Read more

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I took my Nissan Rogue to the Brake Masters on Coors NW for brake job. The replaced parts on all four wheels. I took my car in because it would vibrate a little when I braked. The brakes were not making any noise at all. I left the car with them and picked it up later that day. The next day the brakes were making a metal on metal loud sound. I took the car back and left it with them for... Read more

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Albuquerque, NM. Took Ford Explorer there because it would not start. After $89 Diagnostic, was told it was the fuel pump.... Estimate OVER $1500! They wanted $850 just for the pump assy. + 49.99 for filter . Labor $250 to install pump and $89 to install filter?? REALLY? Looked on the internet and found that this job should cost 4-$500! I found a pump on autozone for $250 and filter for $12.99... Read more

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